Cam Demars

Webflow Site


Cameron was in need of a personal portfolio to showcase all of his work in the film industry. Looking to establish a personal brand and showcase his work, we set out to create something that would elevate his career as a creative director and cinematographer.


We had an initial meeting to brainstorm the goals of the site, the scope of the project, and the strategy to complete it. I gave Cam materials to gain inspiration and get an idea of what he might want the site to look like. We ended up taking a lot of inspiration from I began to envision what was going to be needed to convey his work and drafted some designs for Cam to approve. After this I gathered a list of all the content that was going to be needed to fill the site (text, pictures, etc). While Cam gathered his materials, I began building the skeleton of the site, making sure it was mostly functional. As soon as all of the content was gathered, I had a remote meeting with Cam to let him order the images and projects how he wanted. At this point the site was pretty much finished, aside from some bugs and design revisions. Once everything was in order I did a full site revision and made sure that it was responsive, working on all devices.


Low-fidelity wireframe designs presented to Cam before I began development