Hello from Seattle!

I am a recently graduated web designer and developer who is open to any opportunities for work within the field. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Seattle University. Post graduation, I completed an online UI/UX course to further my skills in the realm of design and UX research.

Shortly after discovering Webflow and the power of no-code development platforms, I became inspired to start freelancing as a web designer. My goal is to one day take freelancing full time and build cutting edge websites for individuals and businesses.

UI/UX Education

To further my knowledge of UI/UX processes and improve my design skills, I enrolled in an online boot camp after graduating from SU. Throughout the course, I learned the fundamentals of user experience research and user interface design. To put all of my new knowledge into practice, I worked my way through the UX process from start to finish to design an application that serves as a library for public domain (copyright free) sheet music.


User Experience Research
Information Architecture
Design Systems and Style Guides
Sketching, Ideating, Designing
Prototyping & Testing

Computer Science Education

I received a fairly technical education during my time at SU, learning all of the foundational coding and computer science skills. I worked through many courses, learning several languages in the process. Some of these include C++, C#, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and even some F#. However, after gaining invaluable real world experience through a summer internship and a senior capstone project, I realized that my true passion lies in the design aspect of software development.


Languages & Computation
The Art of Web Design
Data Structures
Database Fundamentals
Computer Graphics
Object Oriented Development