Benshi Creative

Webflow Site


Benshi was in need of a full website redesign in order to push their film production studio to the next level. I designed a homepage that displays their most important work along with multiple other pages that stay true to Benshi's aesthetic. The goal was to create a site that was chic and modern, but still had a gritty feel, which reflects Benshi's brand identity. Below are rough mockups I designed before starting production in Webflow.

Website Design Mockup After One Round of Review


Another huge part of this project was ensuring that the site was futureproof and maintainable. Benshi needed a site that was easy for them to update without having to go back to a developer for any changes. With their new site, Benshi can add, edit, or delete any project and crewmember information with a few clicks. I accomplished this by utilizing Webflow's CMS. I built a small database of information containing everything about each project and crewmember. This database is accessible and editable by Benshi at any time. This means when they have a new project they want to feature, all they need to do is fill out a form for it to be entered in the database and publish! They can also control which projects are featured on the homepage slider.

Database Model for Organizing Projects and Crewmembers


After some critique from a live YouTube Webflow critique series, I moved forward with a redesign. Because users are usually used to scrolling more on a home page and finding out more about the brand, there was a lot that was missing from the home page. I decided to remove the "about" page completely and do a revamp of the home page to include everything you need to know about what Benshi has to offer, all in one page.